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UAvionix updates C2 solutions for UAS BVLOS operations

January 13, 2023  - By

In December 2022, uAvionix announced its updated product line for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) command and control (C2). The SkyLine C2 management platform and muLTElink airborne radio systems (ARS) are designed to integrate, which enables a self-healing C2 network capable of both path and link diversity. This eliminates lost-link possibilities over broad terrain and altitude ranges.


Image: uAvionix


Image: uAvionix

MuLTElink ARS consists of two models — muLTElink915 and muLTElink5060, the core of the uAvionix C2 system. The muLTElink915 model combines globally licensed aviation LTE, enhanced with frequency hopping 902–928 MHz industrial, scientific and medical frequencies capability. The muLTElink5060 model combines global LTE with aviation-protected 5,030–5,091 MHz C-band for customers holding C-band licenses for control and non-payload communication (CNPC) operations.

Each muLTElink model allows up to one external CNPC radio to be optionally connected to allow simultaneous use of all three frequency ranges, higher power C-band operation or future radio integrations.

UAvionix updated its previous line of microLink and SkyLink ARS radios and relaunched them under the SkyLink ARS banner. Each SkyLink ARS can operate as a point-to-point radio or integrate with muLTElink and SkyLine for managed C2 operations. SkyLink915micro, formerly named microLink, offers a robust form factor and Lemo connector for UAS requiring hardened installations.

SkyLink5060micro and SkyLink5060 offer 100 mW and 10 W 5,030–5,091 MHz aviation protected C-band CNPC options.

Both platforms meet standards set by RTCA DO-362A and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s draft Technical Standard Orders-C213a and may receive similar validated orders through other global aviation regulators.

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