NovAtel® Expands GPS Anti-Jam Portfolio with the GAJT®-410ML

In April 2019, NovAtel announced an addition to their GPS Anti-Jam Technology (GAJT®) portfolio, the GAJT-410ML. Designed specifically for rapid integration into space-constrained military land applications, this easy-to-use system protects GPS-based navigation and precise timing receivers, including M-Code, from both intentional jamming and accidental interference.

The GAJT-410ML is the next evolution of NovAtel’s battle-proven anti-jam technology, maintaining the high levels of interference rejection performance in a lower size, weight and power (SWaP) design.

Jamming and interference, whether intentional or unintentional, can seriously degrade GPS position, navigation and time availability—even to the point of total solution denial. Jammers create excessive noise, overpowering the low power GPS signals and saturating the electronics in a GPS receiver front end.

To ensure that Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) are continuously available, NovAtel has technology to provide protection from interference and intentional jamming.

Building on the success of NovAtel’s existing anti-jam portfolio, the GAJT-410ML is the first system to address the needs of smaller, land-based platforms and add situational awareness capability to already high levels of mitigation performance. This product offers more choices for system integrators and end users to protect against GPS denied or constrained situations and delivers on NovAtel’s commitment to provide assured positioning anywhere.

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Key Features

Easy to integrate
One of the key features of the GAJT-410ML is that it requires only a single RF cable interface between the GAJT mounted on the vehicle and the Power Injector Data Converter (PIDC™) located inside. A major benefit of this configuration is that the existing RF cable can be used if a standard GPS antenna is replaced, and no additional holes need to be drilled into the vehicle’s armour. Alternatively, for new installations, the same integration procedure for a standard GPS antenna can be used, and both approaches increase the ease of installation and reduce the need for costly platform modifications.
Situational awareness
In addition to offering users high levels of anti-jam GPS protection, the PIDC allows for access to the jammer status and direction-finding (DF) information to provide situational awareness information to the user. Designed to meet the MIL-STD-461 and CE regulatory requirements, the PIDC also provides clean power, control and status data over the same cable that delivers the protected GPS signal back to the receiver.

The PIDC can be supplied in either an enclosure or board and is available to license for installation into third-party equipment. NovAtel will license these functions to integrators who can selectively implement the functions required for their vehicle systems to make the integration of the product as flexible and easy as possible and minimize the number of boxes inside the vehicle.

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Military & Defense

NovAtel technology addresses the needs of Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR), including Electronic Protection, Electronic Support and Electronic Attack. NovAtel OEM components and military off-the-shelf items are engineered to ensure continuous positioning, as well as detecting, locating and characterizing interference sources and training users in the presence of deliberate GNSS denial.


For more than 25 years, NovAtel has been producing innovative technology which ensures accurate, reliable and precise position and time measurements for successful military operations for land, air and sea.

Electronic support
Detects, locates and characterizes jammers for situational awareness or cueing countermeasures.

Electronic protection
Protection from interference and intentional jamming so PNT is continuously available.

Electronic attack
Incidents of electronic attack are on the rise with adversary forces looking to disrupt allied position, navigation and timing systems.

Learn more about how NovAtel ensures accurate, reliable and precise position and time measurements for successful military operations for land, air and sea here.

NovAtel’s robust supply chain, deep expertise and high levels of commitment to service have been trusted by allied partners for over 25 years. Deep GNSS expertise and lean manufacturing capabilities enable the effective delivery of high-performance products like the GAJT-410ML in large volumes with minimal production and delivery time. Dedication to delivering high-quality products with world-class support is illustrated through NovAtel’s industry-best low product return rates. By providing proven, mission-ready NAVWAR technology that ensures Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT), NovAtel can defend your people right now.

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