Spectracom Simulator Compatible with China’s Beidou System

February 20, 2013  - By

Spectracom has announced its upgrade capability to China’s global navigation satellite system, Beidou. The Spectracom GSG Series 5 and Series 6 GNSS signal simulators, released in 2012, are designed to be field upgradeable to simulate current and future GNSS constellations. GSG simulators are capable of outputting the frequencies, modulations and data formats of anticipated GNSS systems. The January release of the Beidou ICD specification has confirmed that Spectracom GPS/GNSS simulators will be able to emulate these satellite signals with a simple field-upgradeable firmware update.

“In anticipation of the deployment of these new, major GNSS systems, Spectracom ensures that every GSG simulator that leaves the factory is tested for compliance with all the signal frequency and modulation specifications as defined in their ICDs. Customers who have purchased our Series 5 or 6 simulators since June 2012 have this upgrade capability,” Spectracom CTO John Fischer said.


Spectracom GSG-6 series simulator. Photo: Spectrum

The Series 5 single frequency simulator is fully capable of the all the signals in the L1 (GPS and GLONASS) / E1 (Galileo) / B1 (Beidou) band, including all the GLONASS FDMA satellites.

The Series 6 multi-frequency simulator is fully capable of all four bands of all the systems: L1 / E1 / B1; L2 / L2C; L5 /E5 /B2; and E6 / B3.

Fischer added, “As the need for new signals arise, firmware upgrades will be available. This ensures our customer’s investment is protected. Galileo signals will be available this year and Beidou will be available next year.”

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