Seoul Robotics fuels autonomy with Level 5 control tower

January 10, 2022  - By
Image: Seoul Robotics

Image: Seoul Robotics

Seoul Robotics has introduced the Level 5 Control Tower (LV5 CTRL TWR), a mesh network of sensors and computers on infrastructure that guides vehicles autonomously without requiring that sensors be placed on individual vehicles.

The technology is in the early stage of commercial deployment to automate last-mile fleet logistics at BMW’s manufacturing facility in Munich. The system has the potential to transform operations for a wide range of business applications, from vehicle distribution centers to car rental companies and trucking logistics.

Seoul Robotics is a 3D perception solution company using deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) to power the future of mobility,

By placing sensors equipped with 3D perception software around vehicles — traffic lights, buildings and highway overhangs — the system can fully capture the environment and communicate with other sensors and the 4/5G systems that come standard on vehicles.

The LV5 CTRL TWR collects all the 3D data, and then automates vehicles accordingly using V2X communications.

“Level 5 mobility has been proven to be more challenging to achieve than expected, until now,” said HanBin Lee, CEO of Seoul Robotics. “LV5 CTRL TWR has massive potential to fuel autonomous mobility, and we are thrilled to continue expanding upon the implementation of this technology with BMW and other partners.”

“Ultimately, these systems will be deployed in additional public and commercial settings, powering aspects of our everyday lives, such as autonomously navigated parking and public transit,” Lee said. “With LV5 CTRL TWR, this future is closer and more accessible than ever.”

The collaboration with BMW leverages hundreds of connected lidar and 3D sensors on infrastructure to automate newly manufactured vehicles within factories and vehicle distribution centers without any human involvement. By making this process autonomous, automakers like BMW can increase operational efficiencies and safety within automotive logistics.

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