Self-driving cars: Innovative or a nuisance?

December 13, 2022  - By

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San Francisco local officials are questioning the safety of autonomous vehicles (AV), also known as self-driving cars, due to frequent reports of traffic violations, delaying public transportation and emergency vehicles, causing traffic congestion as well as driving onto public sidewalks.

California officials granted the first AV deployment permits this year, allowing companies to release self-driving cars onto city streets and to provide passenger service as robotaxis. Since granting permits to AV companies such as Waymo and Cruise, self-driving vehicles have been creating a multitude of issues with public safety, including a recent incident of a Cruise AV stopping a bus on its route for over seven minutes.

As state governments have the legal power to grant permits to AV companies to conduct testing and ride hail services, city officials are left powerless to control self-driving car incidents that affect residents and public safety. City officials also struggle to obtain information regarding AV-induced road blockages and even a comprehensive list of all companies have deployed self-driving vehicles onto their roads.

About the Author: Maddie Saines

Maddie was a managing editor at GPS World.