Royal Institute of Navigation launches Resilient PNT Portal

February 4, 2019  - By
John Pottle

John Pottle

John Pottle, director of the Royal Institute of Navigation, announced the release of the organization’s Resilient PNT Portal.

“It’s widely understood that satellite navigation has vulnerabilities,” Pottle said. “What is less well understood is how to assess risks and what steps to take to achieve a robust solution, appropriate to the application.

“This resource portal for resilient positioning, navigation and timing brings together key information — background context, risk assessment approaches, data on actual reported events, and guidance on mitigation strategies. The various standards and best practices notes for different sectors have also been included.”

The portal, available at, has sections devoted to vulnerabilities and impacts, risk assessment, disruptions and reported problems, guidelines and standards, and general guidance.

“Our aim is to enable improved knowledge and thereby build expertise and understanding, in line with the Royal Institute of Navigation’s core objectives,” Pottle said.

The page includes a feedback form to make suggestions or ask questions. Users can also use the form to register for email updates as new information is added.

“We have ideas to improve and add to this resource through 2019 — for example, we are currently working on a white paper discussing various practical steps to mitigate common vulnerabilities,” Pottle said.

He added that the organization welcomes feedback and that there is a feedback link on the website.

Pottle made the announcement on the social media website LinkedIn.