Qualcomm and Ferrari announce strategic technology collaboration

February 9, 2022  - By

Qualcomm Technologies Inc. and Ferrari N.V. have entered a strategic technology collaboration aimed at helping accelerate the digital transformation of Ferrari.

Qualcomm Technologies will serve as Ferrari’s systems solutions provider for its upcoming Ferrari road cars, as well as a Premium Partner for the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 team and Ferrari eSports team.

Ferrari will work with Qualcomm Technologies to utilize the Snapdragon Digital Chassis to bring the latest automotive technology advancements to Ferrari road cars.

The Snapdragon Digital Chassis is comprised of open and scalable cloud-connected platforms needed for next-generation vehicles, which includes telematics and connectivity, the digital cockpit, and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) functions. It utilizes a unified architecture to deliver enhanced safety and immersive digital experiences  updateable throughout the lifetime of the vehicles.

As a part of the agreement, Qualcomm Technologies and its partners will also work with Ferrari to design, develop and integrate Ferrari’s digital cockpits.

Qualcomm Technologies will begin serving as a Premium Partner of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 team at the start of the 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship race season, where Snapdragon will be featured on the new Scuderia Ferrari’s F1-75 single-seaters. The Maranello marque’s eSports activities will also be part of the official partnership.

The Snapdragon Digital Chassis connects cars to the cloud. (Image: Qualcomm)

The Snapdragon Digital Chassis connects cars to the cloud. (Image: Qualcomm)

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