Point One Navigation launches new features for Polaris Network

June 17, 2024  - By
Photo: Point One Navigation

Photo: Point One Navigation

Point One Navigation has released a new “Tags” feature for its precise positioning Polaris network.

The Tagging feature aims to simplify building and using positioning networks and systems for a wide range of applications including surveying, construction, fleet management, AgTech, robotic devices, UAVs and autonomous vehicles.

With this upgrade, users can access streamlined searchability, precisely defined analytics and the ability to control devices at scale. According to Mark Wilkerson, Point One Navigation’s Product Manager, “The most powerful aspect of our tagging system is that it fundamentally changes the way customers can integrate their systems with ours.”

Users can now work with P1’s API as if it were one of their native applications. The tagging features allow users to query data in the system using their native IDs, model numbers, regions and more.

It now supports real-time operations with Point One’s GraphQL subscriptions API and features a device search UI in the web app. This allows users to filter and query their devices by tags, connection status or attributes. By using the new search feature, support teams can quickly pull up all active devices and display them on a map in real time. Changes made in either the web app or the API update in real-time.

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