Mapbox product updates designed to enhance location technology

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Mapbox, a maps and location platform, has created new products and platform updates to aid developers in making more accurate, data-driven decisions and improving overall user experience with advancement in location technology.

Navigation SDK v2.9 was introduced to provide pre-built navigation applications, compatible with Android and IOS, which will provide all the primary navigation components across a workflow using lines of code instead of starting from square one. The Drop-in UI is customizable to create applications that reflect a developer’s brand, rather than needing to manually develop a full end-to-end application.


Image: Mapbox

Navigation SDK Copilot, a backend analytics tool for CX on navigation applications, was launched and designed by Mapbox to collect trace files of navigation sessions and search analytics data from users. Developers can use this data to gather feedback and collective user data to create touch points with users and improve application experience based on their data-drawn conclusions.

Mapbox’s platform updates and product innovation also include improvements to its Matrix API, which can now support scheduled departure times and provide optimal driving routes creating a more accurate ETA. This innovative location technology is also designed to enhance fuel efficiency and decrease emissions.


Image: Mapbox

As map boundaries are constantly changing, Mapbox has expanded its visualization of map lines to update as frequently as the lines change. The expanded visualization makes updates quicker and improves the ability of Mapbox’s platform to give users the most up-to-date information.

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