OxTS introduces INS for land and air applications

October 10, 2023  - By
Image: OxTS

Image: OxTS

OxTS has released the xRED3000, its lightest and smallest inertial navigation system (INS) suitable for land- and air-based applications.

Combining two survey-grade GNSS receivers and OxTS’ latest IMU10 inertial technology, the xRED3000 is designed to be the GNSS/INS component for products requiring accurate localization, even in harsh environments.

The xRED3000 uses OxTS lidar inertial odometry (LIO), which takes data from a lidar in post-processing to reduce IMU drift and improve accuracy in areas with poor or no GNSS signal such as urban canyons. The technology also provides a position accuracy of 0.5 m, even after 60 seconds of no GNSS signal.

The INS is compatible with OxTS Georeferencer, a post-processing and calibration software that aims to improve the accuracy and clarity of user’s pointcloud data. It warms up to specification in three minutes, even with low-dynamic movement, increasing flight time for aerial applications and reducing the space needed for land-based warmups.

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