oneNav L5-direct GNSS technology

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Photo: oneNav

Photo: oneNav

oneNav L5-direct GNSS technology is the first and only commercial solution that directly acquires and tracks L5-band satellites. By fully eliminating reliance on the outdated L1 band, the L5-direct receiver is simpler, lower power, and better.  Compared to complex L1/L5 dual-band receivers:

  • L5-direct requires only a single antenna and RF chain for lower cost, smallest size and up to 3x lower power.
  • Has 8x better TTFF, and 2x more accuracy in dense urban areas.
  • Is immune to widespread L1-band jamming.

Suitable for cellular, wearable, IOT, automotive, military, survey, and timing markets, oneNav technology is available in three distinct configurations:

    1. Licensable digital L5-direct IP core: A fully synthesizable RTL digital signal processing core includes a complete, scalable L5-direct measurement solution that has been fully simulated from 22 nm down to 4 nm.
    2. pREX SIP – Mixed signal hard macro in 22 nm GlobalFoundries silicon technology: The pREX SIP couples the L5-direct IP core with an RF front end that includes a highly optimized, low power amplifier, PLL and A/D converter. Implemented in GF22 FDX process and packaged in a SIP that can be soldered onto a PC board, or also as a hard macro for silicon platform integration.
    3. Position determination firmware:The position engine firmware converts L5-direct measurements into position, velocity, and time, and is provided as an embedded library for the platform microcontroller.

oneNav can further customize any of these deliverables in partnership with a licensee to bring this performance to any end product. Click here to learn more.

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