New Speakers Announced for Thursday’s Street Smart Webinar

July 14, 2015  - By

Three new speakers have been announced for Thursday’s GPS World Market Insights Webinar. The webinar, “Street Smart: City Modeling and Other New Geospatial Techniques in Urban Mapping and Navigation,” will be held July 16, 1 p.m. EDT/ 10 a.m. PDT/ 5 p.m. GMT. Registration is free.

The webinar provides a high-level overview of the latest enhancements to computerized geometric city models, which can help overcome data gaps and inaccuracies created by signal obstruction, to improve GNSS positioning in dense urban areas. The webinar will focus on use of 3D mapping to aid GNSS in three different ways: shadow matching, height aiding and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) detection for conventional positioning.

Claire Ellul, University College London, will discuss creating 3D datasets from photogrammetry, LiDAR, building information models (BIMs), Esri City Engine, Sketch Up, Google Earth and Open Street Map.

A page from Claire Ellul's upcoming webinar presentation.

A page from Claire Ellul’s upcoming webinar presentation.

Also speaking are Rahul Gupta, Spirent Communications, and Gregory Moura, OKTAL Synthetic Environment, who leads the development of SE-NAV, a RayTracing simulator computing the propagation of GNSS signals in urban environments. The new version of this software can be embedded in a hardware in the loop process with Spirent’s SimGen to assess the performances of HW receiver in constrained environments.

Paul Groves will discuss “Better GNSS Positioning in Cities using Enhanced 3D Mapping,” addressing the problems of poor GNSS geometry in urban canyons, showing how 3D mapping improves GNSS positioning in several ways: height aiding,  non-line-of-sight prediction, model-aided ranging and shadow matching.

A page from Paul Grove's upcoming webinar presentation.

A page from Paul Grove’s upcoming webinar presentation.

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