NAVSYS secures AFRL contract for complementary PNT solution

June 11, 2024  - By

Photo: NAVSYS logoNAVSYS Corporation has secured a $4.4 million contract from the Rapid Architecture Prototyping and Integration Development (RAPID) Laboratory of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). The contract is part of AFRL’s Commercial Alternative Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) for RAPID (CAPR) program, which aims to provide the Department of Defense improved access to reliable and resilient PNT services, particularly in situations where GPS is unavailable or compromised.

The contract involves developing and maturing NAVSYS’ PNT as a Service (PNTaaS) system architecture. This technology uses existing SATCOM signals for PNT services, utilizing broadband signals outside of the L-band frequencies, which are often subject to jamming. The system employs multiple frequency allocations, including C-band, Ku-band and K-band, to offer high resilience and performance equivalent to GPS.

Test results previously published by NAVSYS have demonstrated the system’s capability to use satellites operated by Intelsat, Viasat, Eutelsat, SES and Telesat to deliver backup PNT capability to GPS.