Move-X offers LoRa/GNSS board with u-blox module for tracking

August 26, 2022  - By
Photo: Move-X

Photo: Move-X

Telecommunication electronics company Move-X is offering a new LoRa/GNSS board. The Cicerone LoRa/GNSS board is a high-performance, low-power, Arduino MKR-compatible development board based on the u-blox MAX-M10S GNSS module and the MAMWLE LoRa module.

The Cicerone board delivers high-performance GNSS, long-range wireless connection, and high-performance MCU processing in a low-power solution for optimal battery life.

The board allows users to build tracking applications worldwide with meter-level accuracy and to communicate long-range, low-power data via LoRaWAN. The integrated Li-Po charging circuit enables the Cicerone board to manage battery charging through the USB port.

The Move-X Cicerone LoRa/GNSS board has a compact 63 x 25 mm form factor and is compatible with all Arduino MKR shield boards. These boards all share a common pinout to enable developers to easily add expansions with minimal software changes.

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