Microchip Technology offers GridTime 3000 for utilities

April 27, 2022  - By

The GridTime 3000 GNSS time server meets rugged international environmental standards for power plants and substations

The GridTime 3000 GNSS time server. (Photo: Microchip)

The GridTime 3000 GNSS time server. (Photo: Microchip)

Microchip Technology Inc. has announced its GridTime 3000 GNSS time server, a software-configurable solution providing power plants and substations with a new level of redundancy, security and resiliency to protect against surges, adverse weather and cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure.

Meeting the Need

Power plants and substations rely on high-speed communications networks to transmit critical data including operability metrics, network health, fault monitoring, power measurement and usage trends. To synchronize communications and ensure continuity across these networks, substations require secure, precise timing and synchronization to avoid false tripping and to provide accurate time-stamping of substation data including system faults, power-measurement data and substation status information.

The launch of the Microchip GridTime 3000 GNSS Time Server assists power-grid operators to meet these requirements.

The GridTime 3000 system generates precise time and frequency signals to synchronize analog and digital communication systems. This resilient timing platform incorporates multiple timing inputs for protection in the event of a GNSS signal disruption caused by severe weather, environmental disturbances or signal jamming or spoofing.

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