M3 Systems Belgium uses HAPS to improve Cospas-Sarsat

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M3 Systems Belgium’s Haps-Augmented Search-And-Rescue Demonstrations System (HASARDS) project is looking to improve positioning of the global collaborative Copas-Sarsat search-and-rescue system by using its high-altitude platform system (HAPS).

The project is designing features for the system, such as carrying out geolocation with HAPS imagery and establishing communication between individuals in distress and emergency services.

While conducting HASARD, researchers were able to document system enhancements, execute a piloted flight-test campaign to create a realistic distressed aircraft carrying a second-generation beacon and future HAPS, and develop and operate a second-generation beacon signal simulator and HAPS system simulator.

Researchers found that using HAPS independent of Cospas-Sarsat adds value to search-and-rescue operations, providing location details via data fusion and georeferenced imagery while relaying communication between SAR teams and people in distress.

Photo: M3 Systems Belgium

Photo: M3 Systems Belgium

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