HERE Technologies launches fleet optimization package

June 27, 2024  - By
Photo: HERE Technologies

Photo: HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies has launched its Fleet Optimization software package, designed to enhance the efficiency and scalability of fleet management operations.  

The Fleet Optimization package aims to meet the needs of the transportation and logistics industry. It offers location-based features using HERE’s artificial intelligence (AI) to tackle the complexities of routing operations for commercial fleets.  

The package is a robust set of location-based application programming interfaces (APIs). The key components and features of the HERE Fleet Optimization package include: 

  • HERE Tour Planning uses map content and complex routing scenarios that consider real-time and historical traffic, alongside vehicle and road restrictions, to provide optimal deployments of multi-vehicle commercial fleets.  
  • HERE Routing creates optimized, safe and accurate navigation solutions customized to truck, light commercial vehicle and two-wheeler routing profiles. 
  • HERE Geocoding and Search validates and enhances the accuracy of addresses and optimizes route planning through precise geocoordinates, ensuring fleet movements are based on the most accurate and current data available. 
  • HERE Map Rendering offers up-to-date, detailed map data, in raster and vector formats, with rich attributes used specifically by commercial vehicles — including road restrictions, bridge heights, road topology and topography. This feature offers drivers visualization and cues for reliable commercial vehicle navigation. 

A key benefit of the package is the incorporation of variables such as vehicle profiles, driver availability and delivery schedules, to provide instantly optimized tours and more precise estimated time of arrival (ETA).  

The package is available for in-house software developers and integrated software vendors. The location-based APIs within the package are accessible directly in a user’s environment, with HERE offering the toolsets, workspaces and APIs for custom development.  

The HERE Fleet Optimization package is built to run natively on Amazon Web Services (AWS), HERE Tour Planning and HERE Location Services, including Geocoding, Search, Maps, Navigation, Routing, Fleet Telematics and more. 

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