Fixposition releases Vision-RTK 2 centimeter-level positioning sensor

April 8, 2022  - By
Photo: Fixposition

Photo: Fixposition

Fixposition, a Swiss technology company providing high-precision positioning solutions, has released a centimeter-level positioning sensor, the Vision-RTK 2.

The low power and compact, industrial-grade device is suitable for autonomous delivery and logistics vehicles, agriculture, mowing and landscaping machines, as well as any other application where precise, uninterrupted positioning must always be available everywhere.

“As vehicles and machines become increasingly autonomous, they must safely and precisely negotiate complex routes, even where GNSS visibility is degraded or blocked,” said Zhenzhong Su, CEO and co-founder of Fixposition. “With Vision-RTK 2, these applications are becoming possible. Our deep sensor-fusion technology combines GNSS technology with advanced computer vision and machine learning.”

“We are using a global optimization-based sensor fusion technique that is much more robust and powerful than traditional Kalman filters,” said Lukas Meier, CTO and co-founder of Fixposition. “Our computer vision-based dead-reckoning technology has clear advantages over purely IMU-based products.”

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