Esri hits the airwaves with ‘See What Others Can’t’ campaign

October 24, 2019  - By
Image: GPS World

Esri has launched its first major advertising campaign with a slogan Esri President Jack Dangermond introduced at the Esri User Conference in July.

“Unlike anyone else on this planet, you and your fellow GIS colleagues truly ‘See What Others Can’t.’ My sense is, it’s now time to share this perspective with the rest of the world,” Dangermond said.

The campaign includes broadcast commercials, industry magazines and newspapers, at airports, on billboards and on websites.

“We are inviting the public to join us in understanding how we see the world and how we want them to see the world,” Dangermond said. “We are hopeful this will help expand the understanding and appreciation of what our users do. We ultimately want to bring more people into our community — sharing information, working together, and finding new ways to solve the greatest challenges of today and the future.”