deCarta Expands L2 Geospatial Search to 120 Countries

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deCarta, Inc., an independent LBS platform company, has expanded coverage of its advanced local search technology, the L2 Geospatial Search Engine, to 120 countries including Europe, North America, and most major countries around the world.

L2 is a high-performance, scalable local search engine with single line input to enable a more intuitive user interface, the company said. deCarta sources and indexes premium map and POI (Points of Interest) content but also enables customers to  index and control their own content using the L2 Index tools.

deCarta’s L2  has advantages over most other search engines in that it can be used as a pure geocoder for address search, or for POI search….or simultaneously as a combination of the two mixed in a single line search query – with the additional ability to tune this behavior at runtime. This gives developers maximum flexibility and creativity in producing their mobile and desktop applications. The new expanded country coverage now enables deCarta customers to offer truly global services.

The L2 Search engine is an integral component of deCarta’s LBS platform which provides specialized geospatial technologies for maps, routing, navigation, geocoding, local search and geo-data integration and processing. deCarta offers two deployment models for its LBS platform: a Hosted LBS Platform Service (PaaS) or, alternatively, customers can self-host the platform either on-premise or in a cloud service such as Amazon’s AWS.  Both approaches utilize deCarta’s advanced REST API architecture and can scale to support billions of maps and searches and millions of users per month.

L2 enables deCarta’s customers to offer flexible, advanced local search capabilities that are on par with Google Maps but beyond other search engines, deCarta said. Examples include:

  • Single line entry of POI or address or both
  • Fast typeahead, predictive entry – ideal for mobile devices and web interfaces
  • High tolerance for misspellings and partial entries
  • Random ordering of address parameters
  • Search for a POI near a POI, such as:
    • “Coffee near XYZ company”
    • “Restaurants on Main Street”
    • “ATMs near AMC Theater”
  • Search for POI near a specific address, such as “Parking near 1234 Main Street”

Furthermore, the ability to integrate L2 with deCarta’s patented “Search Along A Route” technology gives automotive OEMs and Telematics Service Providers the ability to offer more advanced and helpful “driver-centric” connected car services.

“We are excited by the market reaction to L2 since its introduction last year,” said J. Kim Fennell, CEO of deCarta. “We’re winning business competing with, and in some cases replacing, major local search engines such as Google Maps based on the merits of L2’s technology advantages, customization capabilities, flexible content offerings, less restrictive license terms and our superior customer service – all of which creates a more satisfied customer experience.”

deCarta offers a “house blend” of premium map and POI content with L2. It works closely with worldwide and regional map data providers including TomTom, Nokia/HERE, OpenStreetMap (OSM), AND, Sensis, IPC, Nav2 and eMapgo; as well as leading POI providers and other content sources (traffic, parking, weather, speed cameras, etc). deCarta integrates and de-duplicates multiple content sources for optimum search results.

deCarta provides the tools to let companies index and search on their own content for maximum control and commercial advantage. This content can stand alone or be merged with industry map and POI content. Customers can “boost” content and control rankings to suit their needs. These capabilities provide huge benefits for local search companies, Automotive OEMs and telematics service providers seeking to offer their users the best customer care and connected car services.

For more information on L2, please visit deCarta’s web site at or go straight to the demo. Developers can find more technical details at deCarta’s DevZone.

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