Comnav unveils GNSS receiver

May 28, 2024  - By
Photo: Comnav

Photo: Comnav

ComNav Technology has launched the M100X GNSS receiver. It is built with the Quantum-III SoC Chip, designed to provide full-constellation and multi-frequency capabilities, specifically engineered for high-accuracy vehicular positioning and heading.

The M100X features GNSS+INS integrated technology to provide real-time high-precision positioning, velocity and heading data, even in challenging environments.

The receiver is designed to provide accurate positioning and heading information across various applications, including autonomous mining trucks, intelligent ports, mapping and autonomous buses. It is designed to safeguard vehicles as they pass through areas with poor signal reception, even in obstructed environments such as urban canyons, city overpasses underground garages, tunnels and parks.

The M100X has a data update rate of up to 100Hz, allowing it to perform well in dynamic, high-speed environments, such as vehicles traveling at high speeds. This rapid update capability enables continuous and real-time tracking of vehicle positions for reliable computation and instant updating of navigation information. It also facilitates quick responses to changes in vehicle dynamics during travel. These features are essential for maintaining seamless operation in high-speed environments and ensuring high levels of safety and performance.

Constructed with aluminum alloy and rated IP67 for water and dustproof, the receiver is built to withstand harsh operational environments. It also features a shock-resistant design, capable of surviving a drop from 1 m without damage. It can connect to 4G, LAN, Bluetooth and multiple I/O ports for seamless integration with various systems and networks.

ComNav has also released Navigation Master software, an Android app for quick device configuration and effective remote management. Using Bluetooth connectivity, users can easily configure their M100X devices for optimal performance. Additionally, its cloud platform, NaviCloud, offers instant access to projects and data from any location.

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