Canadian hydropower producer upgrades timing network

May 21, 2024  - By
Photo: Adtran

Photo: Adtran

A leading Canadian hydropower producer is using the Adtran Oscilloquartz grandmaster device combined with its optical cesium atomic clock to achieve new levels of precision, reliability and resilience in its power grid synchronization network.

The deployment addresses the urgent need to implement the highest standards of protection against GNSS disruptions — including jamming and spoofing cyberattacks — and helps bolster North America’s energy resilience. Featuring multi-source protection, the enhanced timing architecture offers a zero-trust approach to positioning, navigation and timing (PNT), ensuring robust and accurate synchronization. It also seamlessly supports existing services, which allows for a smooth transition from legacy timing to power grids with advanced PTP technology. For streamlined operations and assurance, the synchronization network is remotely managed through the Adtran Ensemble Controller with Sync Director.

By enhancing its timing framework with Adtran’s Oscilloquartz solution, the hydroelectric producer is designed to maintain the highest standards of cybersecurity and energy reliability in its critical infrastructure, the company said. The deployment aims to improve the stability and security of the energy supply across Canada and the United States.

The new solution includes Adtran’s OSA 3350 ePRC+ combined with the OSA 5422 to provide precision, stability and resilience against GNSS vulnerabilities. It has an all-digital design, which utilizes optical-pumping techniques, to guarantee timing accuracy and optimal stability for over a decade. This is twice the lifespan of conventional cesium clocks.

With the OSA 5422, the solution future-proofs the utility’s timing network and assures compliance with governmental regulations. It fortifies security and underscores the renewable energy utility’s commitment to maintaining a continuous, secure power supply.

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