Blue Marble releases Global Mapper Mobile v2.1 with advanced GPS support

July 23, 2020  - By
Image: Blue Marble

Image: Blue Marble Geographics

Blue Marble Geographics has released version 2.1 of its mobile mapping application Global Mapper Mobile, with updates to both the free and Pro versions.

Global Mapper Mobile is an iOS and Android application for viewing and collecting GIS data. It utilizes the GPS capabilities of mobile devices to provide situational awareness and locational intelligence for remote mapping projects.

A complement to the desktop version of Global Mapper, the mobile edition can display all of the supported vector, raster, and elevation data formats and offers a powerful and efficient data collection tool. The latest release includes improvements to its vector feature styling, terrain layer support, and layer transparency setting.

For advanced field mapping functionality, the latest release of the optional Pro version (available for purchase) introduces advanced GPS support. This allows users to connect to external, high-accuracy Bluetooth GPS devices from vendors such as Bad Elf and EOS, among others, directly from Global Mapper Mobile, allowing users to access detailed information including the current satellite constellation, precise location information and the raw NMEA stream.

“Global Mapper Mobile v2.1 brings exciting new functionality to the application, much of which was highly driven by user requests and feedback,” said Jeffrey Hatzel, senior application specialist at Blue Marble Geographics.

Blue Marble’s GIS software is used by hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world who need affordable, user-friendly, yet powerful GIS solutions. Users come from a wide range of industries including software, oil and gas, mining, civil engineering, surveying, and technology companies, as well as government departments and academic institutions.

Visit the website to learn more and download Global Mapper Mobile v.2.1.