Beagle Systems launches first station in country-wide drone network

February 1, 2022  - By
Photo: Beagle

Photo: Beagle

Hamburg-based start-up Beagle Systems has begun building a nationwide network of landing and charging stations for drones.

In Hanstedt (Lüneburger Heide) in the Lower Saxony region of Germany, the first hangar has been set up with an unmanned aerial system (UAS). From there, every surrounding place in Lower Saxony can be reached in a short time.

The drone will be deployed from the Beagle Systems headquarters in Hamburg. Beagle Systems has the corresponding permits for flights beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).

“The start in Hanstedt is an important step for us,” said Oliver Lichtenstein, one of the three founders of Beagle Systems. “From here we can reach an area of 780,000 hectares in Lower Saxony. As the first provider of drone flights, we are thus on call within a short time at the customer’s site.”

The drone flight can be controlled entirely from Hamburg; on-site personnel deployment is not necessary. This eliminates personnel costs as well as time spent traveling to and from the site. Because of this, Beagle Systems can carry out drone flights at a much lower cost than other providers.

“Our goal is to build a nationwide network of charging stations within the next few years,” said Mitja Wittersheim, COO of Beagle Systems. “An EU-wide expansion is then the next step.” The expansion of the network would allow drone specialists to access a ready-to-go drone from Hamburg for customers at any location within the European Union.

Beagle Systems is a drone-as-a-service provider specializing in long-range flights with unmanned aerial systems. The drones are already in use for the inspection and monitoring of large infrastructure facilities such as power grids.

The company also plans to tap into the multi-billion dollar market of delivery, courier and express services. The Beagle M drone used in Hanstedt was developed in-house. It has a wingspan of 2.50 meters and can transport a load of up to three kilograms.

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