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Laura Norman is a geomatics engineer specializing in GNSS integrity and protection levels in Hexagon PI’s Safety Critical Systems Group. She obtained her M.Sc. from the Department of Geomatics Engineering at the University of Calgary, Canada.

Posts by Laura Norman

Innovation: Ionospheric corrections for precise point positioning Posted on 01 Aug 2021 in the From the Magazine & Innovation categories.

How Good Are They?Stanford University and Hexagon are investigating the utility of applying ionospheric corrections to decrease the overall convergence time of precise point positioning (PPP). This article looks at the level of accuracy that can be achieved, the latency of corrections supplied in real-time PPP, as well as the location and coverage of the network of stations required to determine the corrections. Read more»

Innovation: Multi-band GNSS with embedded functional safety for the automotive market Posted on 08 Jul 2019 in the From the Magazine & Innovation & Transportation categories.

Autonomous Driving Guidance
GNSS chip manufacturers and positioning systems developers are working on bespoke devices for autonomous driving. This month, we look at a development with embedded functional safety. Read more»