ArduSimple launches GNSS starter kit with cm precision positioning

June 17, 2022  - By
Photo: ArduSimple

Photo: ArduSimple

ArduSimple has announced the availability of a range of GNSS starter kits for anyone in Europe or the United States who is interested in testing or integrating high-precision centimeter accuracy for a service or product proof of concept (PoC).

Building a PoC for increasingly common applications such as autonomous vehicles, where high levels of positioning accuracy are required, is often a complex process. Finding compatible antennas that are tuned correctly, CPUs, modems that connect to GSM, sourcing a global SIM, finding a suitable real-time kinematic correction engine that works in multiple regions, and mounting it all on a board is a lengthy and costly process, according to ArduSimple.

To solve this issue, ArduSimple pulled together the components and services required into a range of starter kits that work out of the box. The simpleSSR Starter Kit  works anywhere in Europe and the United States that has a 4G signal.

“Bringing together the components, high-precision accuracy and connectivity in Europe and the United States in one simple out-of-the-box solution will significantly speed up the process of PoC projects,” said Marc Castillo, senior consultant at ArduSimple. “We’ve reduced the complexity, enabling engineers to focus on the feasibility of their projects.”

The kit includes:

  • 1 simpleRTK2B-F9P V3 board
  • 1 u-blox ANN-MB-00 Antenna for GNSS Dual Band with cable (IP67)
  • 4G radio module with NTRIP client including RTK-SSR engine (XBee socket compatible)
  • 2x 4G antennas with integrated cable
  • 1x SIM card with 1-year subscription
  • 1-year subscription to SSR service

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