Adtran launches atomic clocks

June 18, 2024  - By
Photo: Adtran

Photo: Adtran

Adtran has released two optical cesium atomic clocks, the OSA 3300 Super High-Performance (OSA 3300 SHP) and the OSA 3350 Super Enhanced Primary Reference Clock+ (OSA 3350 SePRC+). The devices use optical pumping technology to meet evolving demands across applications from scientific research to critical positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) infrastructure.

The OSA 3300 SHP offers stability and accuracy, making it a valuable tool for metrology institutes and scientific research facilities. The OSA 3350 SePRC+ is specifically designed to enhance holdover capabilities for PNT services. It maintains 100 days of 100-nanosecond precision, providing continuous and accurate timing even in environments where GNSS is compromised or unavailable. This makes it a crucial component for ensuring the integrity of mission-critical networks and supporting vital infrastructure and defense operations with reliable backup timing.

“In an era marked by rising global tensions and heightened risks of state-sponsored interference in satellite communications, our latest innovation has arrived at a pivotal moment. It will greatly enhance our capacity to address the demand for secure and reliable network timing around the world,” said Gil Biran, GM of Oscilloquartz, Adtran.

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