UAvionix launches module to meet FAA mandate

March 3, 2023  - By


Image: uAvionix

Image: uAvionix

UAvionix has launched its remote ID broadcast module for UAVs, pingRID. The pingRID meets the Part 89 remote ID standards of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which will become effective on Sept. 16, 2023, to keep operators safe and compliant throughout a flight.

The pingRID comes pre-configured and ready for use out of the box. After assigning the pingRID unique identification number to the aircraft’s registration with the FAA, operators can attach the battery-powered device to their UAV and prepare for flight.

A set of LED indicators provides status on the battery charge, device readiness for flight and inflight operations. The compact, lightweight design fits most aircraft without impacting performance. The module can also be quickly recharged via USB-C.

The FAA’s final rule on remote ID requires all UAV pilots to meet the operating requirements of Part 89. For most operators, this will require flying a UAV equipped with standard remote ID, a remote ID broadcast module such as the pingRID, or flying at a Federally Recognized Identification Area.

About the Author: Maddie Saines

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