Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division is hiring! In this article, Hexagon sits down with Michael Kuzma, an embedded implementation engineer, to ask ‘Why work at Hexagon?’

Photo: HexagonGPS positioning technologies are all around us to the point where they’re nearly invisible and expected to “just work.” As positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) technologies develop and continue enabling autonomy, more and more people will rely on these solutions. However, the work that goes into the research and development of autonomy and positioning technologies is anything but invisible.

The technology industry makes up 10.5% of the total U.S. GDP, with the sector expected to grow by 6.7% by the end of this year. The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) saw industry employment increase by 46% ahead of 2021’s employment rates. All signs point to growth, but what does someone in technology look for in a workplace?

Michael Kuzma, an embedded implementation engineer at Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division, started as an intern looking for a startup environment in Morton, Illinois.

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“Michael Kuzma has worked at Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division for the past three years, starting as an intern and becoming an embedded implementation engineer.”

“I was quite interested in the fast-paced environment with an upbeat and relaxed culture,” Kuzma said. “It has the culture of a startup while having the resources and reach of a large company.”

As someone who works in engineering, Kuzma has his hands full of interesting new challenges daily.

“My average day-to-day changes a lot – how it should be, in my opinion,” he explains. “Some days involve coding up solutions in Simulink or C++. Other days involve investigating a vehicle to see how it operates electrically. Constant learning is the only consistent thing about my day.”

Kuzma appreciates the flexibility and agile nature of working at a company that feels like a startup yet has a larger team with more resources. In 2018, Entrepreneur found that 23% of startups identified team issues as being the cause of failure. For Kuzma, those issues are rare thanks to the collaborative environment at Hexagon.

Photo: NovAtel“The team is always eager to collaborate and work together. More importantly, and what makes me want to stay, is that the culture is open to having a life outside of work.”

A flexible workplace for work-life balance is a priority at Hexagon, with their 2022 Employee Engagement Survey identifying 97% of employees agreeing their immediate manager is flexible when they need to take care of a personal or family matter.

“Work is not meant to be 60 hours a week,” Kuzma added. “Make sure you ask about company culture and that you can be an authentic ‘you’ with the people you work with.”

From intern to engineer to embedded implementation specialist, Kuzma has seen a lot of R&D and technological development during his time at Hexagon. After all that change, he’d still count himself as one of the 83% of employees who feels proud to work for Hexagon.

You can join Michael Kuzma and other Hexagon employees by applying to one of their open positions. Hexagon has openings around the world and across departments. Apply now!

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