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Next-Generation GNSS Simulation

In the past, GNSS simulators have been limited in scale, scope and flexibility. CAST Navigation has overcome these limitations and developed unequaled simulation performance. CAST has developed a system architecture that is scalable and flexible. CAST simulators are custom built with the ability for additional add-ons as the user’s needs evolve.

Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) Testing

CAST-5000 GPS Wavefront Generator. Photo: CAST Navigation.

CAST-5000 GPS Wavefront Generator. Photo: CAST Navigation.

The CAST-5000 Wavefront Generator represents the next generation of GNSS simulation. The CAST-5000 can simulate open sky, urban, rural pedestrian and rural vehicle users, fixed users and aeronautical conditions. It acts as a controlled reception pattern antenna (CRPA) tester that can simulate a multitude of conditions for any commercial or military scenario including:

• Jamming
• Spoofing
• Multipath
• Atmospheric
• Environmental conditions
• Antenna placement

Photo: CAST Navigation

CAST-3000 Integration System. Photo: CAST Navigation.

The CAST-5000 allows users to drive GNSS and interference signals that represent each element of antenna. CRPA consists of multiple, smaller antennas combined into one unit. In the real world, outside of the lab, each antenna is in a different location. When the individual antennas receive a signal from a jammer or any GNSS satellite, they see the signal in a different phase from other elements based on physical space.

The CAST-5000 simulator allows the user to present signals to these antennas in the lab that model the same type of phase differentiation that is seen in real life.

The powerful CAST-3000 Integration System produces GPS RF signals coincident with a simulated IMU sensor. This provides the integration and dynamic testing of GPS/INS navigation systems where the Inertial Sensor and GPS receiver are either tightly or ultra-tightly coupled. Designed to provide maximum flexibility, this integration system boasts interoperability capabilities and can meet the most challenging military and government requirements.

CAST-3000 view of Earth. Photo: CAST Navigation
This view from the CAST-3000 shows all of the available GPS satellites in the simulation and their locations above the Earth. Image: CAST Navigation.

CAST-3000 3D view. Photo: CAST Navigation
From the CAST-3000, 3D view of aircraft flying a simulation with red drop lines under the aircraft’s trajectory. Image: CAST Navigation

CAST Navigation

An industry leader for more than 38 years, CAST Navigation has a singular focus: developing powerful world-class GNSS simulation systems. Unlike many companies in the simulation industry, CAST puts its focus on one specific area in a constant pursuit of GNSS innovation and development. The CAST Navigation team remains committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and dedication to excellence in all operational aspects.

Complexity Made Simple

CAST is making the most powerful GNSS simulators in the world user-friendly. GNSS simulator learning curves have always been substantial. Simulators typically come with functions users don’t need or want, adding confusion to an already complex system.

CAST Navigation listened to GNSS simulation users and filled a hole that had not been addressed. Companies and organizations that work with CAST get what they want in an easy-to-operate interface. Because CAST simulators are scalable and modular, future add-ons are easy and affordable.

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Download the CAST-3000 Product Brochure

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