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Global Fleet Management Platform Wialon Reveals 2023 Top 10 GPS Hardware Manufacturers Ranking
July 11, 2023

Global Fleet Management Platform Wialon Reveals 2023 Top 10 GPS Hardware Manufacturers Ranking


For the fifth consecutive year, Wialon names the winners of the GPS Hardware Manufacturers Top 10 ranking, with Teltonika Telematics taking top position

11th July 2023: Wialon, the global fleet management, telematics and IoT software platform, today announces 10 leaders of 2023 in the telematics and GPS tracking hardware manufacturing market. The Wialon rankings highlight the most popular GPS hardware manufacturers across the globe, based on the number of devices installed by Wialon telematic service providers over the past year.

The Wialon platform is created by Gurtam, a European software developer with over two decades of experience in the telematics industry and the widest-ranging portfolio of telematics solutions. With over 3.6 million vehicles monitored and connected, Wialon is the largest fleet management platform worldwide by number of connected vehicles and other assets.

Wialon has developed integrations with over 3,100 types of GPS tracking devices from 700 manufacturers. Additionally, Wialon can process data received from after-market sensors (weight, humidity, light, temperature and many others), cameras, tachographs and various other types of GPS hardware and tracking devices.

Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Head of Wialon, says, “Our fleet management platform is used in 150 countries worldwide, and that’s why Wialon’s GPS Hardware Manufacturers Top 10 ranking is an accurate barometer for the most popular telematics hardware being used today globally. Inclusion in the list is a real testament to the scale and success of manufacturers in the global GPS tracking and telematics world, and we want to congratulate everyone that made it this year.”

The 2023 rankings reveal Teltonika Telematics hardware as the most frequently connected to Wialon, once again, with the Teltonika FMB920 ranking as the most popular device of the year – connecting to the platform in more than 132,000 instances from June 2022 to May 2023.

Using the platform and its fleet management software solutions, Wialon’s over 2,400 channel partners – telematics service providers and solutions developers – have deployed applications in a broad range of markets and sectors: transportation and mobility, logistics, delivery services, construction, agribusiness, water and waste management, public utilities, railway, mining and processing, and security.

Denis Grebennikov, Head of Business Development Center, Wialon, said: “The breadth of functionality on offer to fleet managers has continued to grow in line with market demand over the past year, but what’s exciting for Wialon is how much software integration is improving access to these devices.”

He continued, “whilst the largest share of connections to Wialon continues to be occupied by budget devices with a 2G connection, used in projects with fairly basic functionalities, such as those requiring location and connection to 1-2 sensors, a wider shift to more complex transport solutions is also taking place.”

A key growth area for hardware manufacturers continues to be video solutions, driven both by national legislation across markets and by business necessity, driving applications such as traffic safety, driver activity monitoring and passenger traffic analysis to name a few.

Wialon is proud to publish the following companies made its GPS Hardware Manufacturers Top 10 list for 2023:

  1. Teltonika Telematics
  3. Queclink Wireless Solutions
  4. Shenzhen Jimi IoT Co.
  5. Ruptela
  6. Suntech International
  7. GLONASSsoft
  8. Sensata INSIGHTS
  9. FleetGuide
  10. ERM Electronic Systems LTD

Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Head of Wialon, concludes: “The data from the past year paints an interesting picture of transition, as fleet managers adopt devices to meet disparate local and national regulatory requirements. In turn, the requirement for flexibility in the functionality of devices is becoming more complex, and a number of manufacturers are responding by offering significant customization options to their customers. Wialon is proud to connect the players of this dynamic ecosystem of hardware manufacturers, fleet management solutions providers, and fleet managers at companies worldwide.”

About Wialon
Wialon is the ultimate platform for telematics and IoT, with 3.6 million connected vehicles in more than 150 countries. With more than 20 years of experience, Wialon has helped thousands of companies optimize their operations by effectively processing and analyzing telematics data.

Wialon is developed by Gurtam, a European GPS tracking and IoT solutions developer with headquarters in Vilnius and offices in Boston, Dubai, Tbilisi and Buenos Aires.

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