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Nicolay Testoedov is the director general at SC Information Satellite Systems.

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Directions 2021: GLONASS on the verge of a new decade Posted on 14 Dec 2020 in the Featured Stories & From the Magazine & GNSS categories.

By Yury Urlichich, first deputy director general of Roscosmos State Space Corporation Sergey Karutin, designer general of GLONASS Nikolay Testoedov, director general, Information Satellite Systems JSC Sergey Koblov, director general,... Read more»

Directions 2020: GLONASS focuses on users Posted on 15 Dec 2019 in the From the Magazine & GNSS & Latest News categories.

By Yury Urlichich, First Deputy Director General of ROSCOMOS State Space Corporation Sergey Karutin, Designer General of GLONASS Nikolay Testoedov, Director General, Information Satellite Systems Roscosmos keeps concentrating on user... Read more»

Directions 2018: GLONASS focuses on user needs Posted on 06 Dec 2017 in the GNSS & Opinions categories.

By Sergey Karutin, GLONASS designer general; Nicolay Testoedov, Director General, SC Information Satellite Systems; and Andrey Tulin, Director General, SC Russian Space Systems This year has marked the 35th anniversary... Read more»

Directions 2017: New GLONASS capabilities for users Posted on 08 Dec 2016 in the GNSS & Opinions categories.

In October 2017 we will celebrate the 35th anniversary of the first GLONASS satellite launch. Since 1982, the capabilities provided by GLONASS satellites have multiplied and the system’s ground infrastructure... Read more»