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Josiah puts his applied science background to work on Esri’s Natural Resources team, actively managing agricultural accounts from large retail groups to producers of specialty crops. A typical workday involves diving into use cases and exploring innovation, which often includes GIS. Josiah holds a master’s in agronomy with a range and forage science emphasis as well as degrees in agronomy and fisheries and wildlife. He has operational experience in the commercial row-crop industry, conservation ecology, soils and cover crop systems, and international agriculture. He has a passion for helping organizations leverage location intelligence to be more efficient and effective while also stewarding our world sustainably.

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Seeds of change: Ernst Seeds uses data-driven approach to restore habitats Posted on 13 Jun 2024 in the Featured Stories & Latest News & Machine Control/Ag categories.

Every Monday and Wednesday, the team at Ernst Conservation Seeds gathers around maps to discuss which fields to harvest, which fields need treatments, and where to plant new crops. Read more»