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Frank Van Diggelen is a principal engineer in the Android location team, leading high-accuracy location including Wi-Fi and GPS. He holds more than 90 U.S. patents on GPS, and is the author of A-GPS, a textbook on Assisted-GPS. He has a Ph.D. from Cambridge University and teaches a GPS class at Stanford.

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How to achieve 1-meter accuracy in Android Posted on 03 Jul 2018 in the Featured Stories & From the Magazine & Mobile categories.

Recent changes in hardware and standards make one-meter accuracy possible, in some cases as soon as this year. The transcript of a talk given to Android developers earlier this year,... Read more»

Innovation: Precise positioning using raw GPS measurements from Android smartphones Posted on 07 Nov 2016 in the From the Magazine & Innovation & Mobile categories.

Precision GNSS for everyone
In this month’s column, we take a look at some initial efforts to independently process smartphone measurements. How good are the results? Read on. Read more»