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Image: RNT Foundation

Precise time for all: Paper calls for resilient national timing

October 19, 2020


ViaLite distributed GPS systems chosen for NASDAQ

July 13, 2020

Image: ChakisAtelier / iStock /Getty Images Plus /Getty Images

Distributing high-precision time over optical networks in the 5G world

April 21, 2020

Drawing of the DSAC mercury-ion trap showing the traps and the titanium vacuum tube that confine the ions. The quadrupole trap is where the hyper-fine transition is optically measured and the multipole trap is where the ions are “interrogated” by a microwave signal via a waveguide from the quartz oscillator. (Image: NASA.)

Mercury-ion atomic clock holds promise for greater GPS accuracy

June 10, 2019

Dan Albone on his prototype Ivel Agricultural motor. (Photo: North Bedfordshire Gazette, 1903)

World dodges GPS bullet

February 24, 2016

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