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Spectracom, Satelles sync in multiple indoor locations

By  - Posted on 22 Mar 2017 in Defense & Latest News & OEM.

Orolia has synchronized a Spectracom SecureSync high-precision time server with the new Iridium Satelles Satellite Time & Location (STL) time synchronization signal powered by Iridium satellites in several indoor environments... Read more»

Orolia fortifies resilient PNT with Satelles satellite time and location signal

By  - Posted on 15 Dec 2016 in Defense & Featured Stories & GNSS & Latest News & Mobile.

A strategic alliance announced on Dec. 15 between Orolia and Satelles includes product development and go-to-market activities of positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) solutions provided by the Iridium satellite constellation,... Read more»

Satelles Announces Patent and Technology License Agreement with Boeing

By  - Posted on 29 Jul 2013 in GNSS & Mobile.

Satelles, a division of iKare Corporation, has entered into a patent and technology license agreement with The Boeing Company. This license allows Satelles to provide timing and location solutions to... Read more»

When GNSS does not work

By and  - Posted on 26 Oct 2023 in Featured Stories & From the Magazine & GNSS & Latest News & Opinions.

GNSS is like opium. Highly addictive, pleasing to the user, but laced with peril when you’re hooked. GPS World readers are well aware of the vulnerabilities. Read more»

EAB Q&A: Could a new PNT constellation replace GNSS?

By  - Posted on 13 Jul 2023 in Complementary PNT & From the Magazine & Latest News & Opinions.

GPS World's EAB disuss, "Could a new PNT constellation using LEO satellites fully replace the services provided by the four existing GNSS constellations?" Read more»

PNT by Other Means

By  - Posted on 10 Jul 2023 in Complementary PNT & Defense & Featured Stories & From the Magazine & Latest News & Mobile.

Several new PNT systems are being developed and deployed that are partially or entirely independent of the four existing GNSS constellations. Read more»

Online Exclusive: PNT by Other Means

By  - Posted on 05 Jul 2023 in Defense & Featured Stories & Featured Stories & From the Magazine & Latest News & Mobile & Online Exclusives.

Advanced industrial societies are increasingly reliant on the fantastic capabilities of GNSS and, therefore, increasingly vulnerable to their weaknesses. Read more»

Who runs GPS?

By  - Posted on 16 Feb 2023 in From the Magazine & GNSS & Online Exclusives.

The Global Positioning System is a vast and mostly unknown enterprise. This section aims to clarify who does what to maintain GPS as a fantastic global utility. Read more»