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Septentrio, Point One Navigation to partner for autonomous vehicle demo

By  - Posted on 17 Dec 2018 in Latest News.

Septentrio has teamed up with Point One Navigation, a provider of precise location as a service, for autonomous vehicle demonstrations during the 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show, which will take... Read more»

Stonex launches hybrid mobile mapping solution

By  - Posted on 26 Feb 2024 in Latest News & Mapping & Mobile & Survey.

StoneX has launched the X70GO SLAM laser scanner designed for fast and efficient large-area surveys. It combines mobile scanning with a stationary mode to scan with high resolution. Read more»

Applying Precise-Point Positioning

By  - Posted on 18 Dec 2023 in Featured Stories & From the Magazine & Latest News.

GNSS researchers presented hundreds of papers at the 2023 Institute of Navigation (ION) GNSS+ conference. The following four papers focused on the use of precise-point positioning for various applications. Read more»

TrustPoint launches commercially funded PNT microsatellite

By  - Posted on 21 Apr 2023 in Latest News & Space & Earth.

TrustPoint, an aerospace startup that provides GNSS products and services, launched its first satellite named It’s About Time. Read more»

CHC Navigation: The boat boost

By  - Posted on 10 Apr 2023 in From the Magazine & Latest News & Survey.

Numerous firms, large and small, have discovered how modest investments in USVs can completely revolutionize their hydrographic operations. Read more»

Launchpad: Navigation software, UAV and lidar systems

By  - Posted on 20 Mar 2023 in From the Magazine & Mapping & OEM & Product Showcase & UAV/UGV.

A roundup of recent products in the GNSS and inertial positioning industry from the March 2023 issue of GPS World magazine. Read more»

Improve the accuracy of your pointclouds in minutes using the devices already on your payload.

By  - Posted on 14 Mar 2023 in .

As technology improves and becomes more accessible, more use cases come to the fore. This can particularly be seen with the emergence of LiDAR. As far back as 1960, LiDAR... Read more»

Tiered Precision Pinpoints Customer Needs

By  - Posted on 25 Jan 2023 in From the Magazine.

Growing among the many options for GNSS corrections open to precision agriculture operators are tiered precise point positioning (PPP) services. Read more»