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Microsemi SyncServer incorporates SAASM for defense market

September 22, 2017  - By

Microsemi Corporation’s new SyncServer S650 SAASM server incorporates a Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM).

The SAASM capability provides a highly secure, accurate and flexible time and frequency platform for synchronizing mission-critical electronics systems and instrumentation applications in the defense market, such as satellite communications and defense operational infrastructure, the company said.

Military Grade. The new SyncServer S650 SAASM, designed for use by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and other government agencies as well as their approved suppliers, received the GPS Directorate Security Approval to incorporate a military-grade, GPS SAASM receiver module.

Microsemi SyncServer S650 SAASM Time and Frequency Server.

This enables U.S. armed forces to confidently deploy features of Microsemi’s popular commercial SyncServer S650 in a military-grade configuration. In addition, the integrated SAASM module adheres to industry standards allowing for a migration path to GPS Military Code (M-code) support.

“Our key military and DOD-related customers require flexible, secure and extremely reliable time and frequency technology for their most critical applications, which they have come to rely upon from Microsemi. Enabling support for SAASM provides the extra security and reliability necessary for this market,” said Randy Brudzinski, vice president and business unit manager of the Frequency and Timing Division at Microsemi. “The addition of the SyncServer S650 SAASM to our product line further demonstrates Microsemi’s commitment to providing the highest quality time and frequency technology in support of vital government programs.”

The SyncServer S650 SAASM is a highly versatile time and frequency system with the company’s FlexPort technology for multiport, user-definable output signal configurations for time codes, pulses and a variety of signal types essential for system synchronization.

This makes the SyncServer S650 SAASM ideal for DoD electronics system engineers synchronizing mission-critical, system-level instruments. This is coupled with Microsemi’s NTP Reflector technology for robust security, accuracy and reliability of network-based time services such as Network Time Protocol (NTP) and Precision Time Protocol (PTP).

Resilience to Threats. According to a 2017 GNSS Market Report, global navigation satellite system (GNSS) jamming and spoofing are specifically identified as increasing and notable cybersecurity threats to critical infrastructure.

Furthermore, resilience to these threats has become mandatory by critical infrastructure policy makers and GNSS receiver manufacturers. Without the use of SAASM technology in the presence of these threats, deliberate or unintentional, the most mission-critical systems operated by the DOD may be subject to the side effects of degraded time and frequency performance.

Microsemi’s new SyncServer S650 SAASM is designed to generate precise time and frequency signals to synchronize high bandwidth mission-critical communications systems and critical infrastructure requiring the highest levels of security support.

In addition to offering superior low phase noise performance, the device is compliant with the Joint Chiefs of Staff SAASM GPS mandate and developed for authorized military users only.

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