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2014 China International Precision Agriculture and High-Efficiency Utilization Summit

October 22, 2014 - October 23, 2014

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The second China International Precision Agriculture and High-efficiency Utilization Summit (PAS 2014) will be held in Beijing, October 22-23, 2014. As an important platform for information exchange between domestic and overseas precision agriculture experts, PAS 2014 will focus on the theme of “Innovative Solutions for Precision Agriculture.” Organizers say it will make a vital contribution to the application of PA technology in China and strengthen the technical cooperation through keynote presentations in the main forum and sub-forums, product showcases and technical visits.

The first such event, PAS 2013, was held at Lake Meilan International Convention and Expo Center, Shanghai, December 5-6. During the two-day summit, the PAS 2013 Organizing Committee brought together 309 representatives from 11 countries, including China, USA, Germany, Japan, Canada, Australia, India, Israel, Sweden, Norway, and Italy. The participating experts expressed their optimism about prospects of precision agriculture in China through rich and fruitful face-to-face communication and exchanges.

The conference is supported by Agriculture Information Institute of CAAS, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences (CAAMS), China Agriculture University, Heilongjiang Province Agricultural Reclamation Bureau, and Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University.

2014 Program Highlights

Main Forum: Precision Agriculture:opportunities and challenges

  • The booming development and application of Precision Agriculture all over the world
  • The overall innovative solutions for Precision Agriculture
  • Application features, demands and development strategy of 3S technology in PA
  • Engineering technology equipment and progress for Precision Agriculture
  • Emerging issues in Precision Agriculture (energy, biofuels, climate change)
  • CEO Panel: The Industrial application prospect and challenge in PA
  • Farm machinery co-operative Forum :The practice&application of PA in China

Workshop One: Navigation & Intelligent Agricultural Machinery

  • The development status & challenge of intelligent agricultural machinery equipment technology
  • The agricultural machinery navigation and automatic operating system based on GPS
  • The application research & prospect analysis on reliability of Beidou Satellite
  • Navigation Technology in Precision Agriculture
  • The application of RTK GPS system in intelligent agricultural machinery equipment
  • 3S technology, analysis of agricultural mechanization system & research on decision support system
  • The application and software development of GPS, GIS in operating area
  • measurement, positioning operations & spatial data sampling
  • Variable rate technology and intelligent agricultural machinery
  • The research and application of intelligent variable-rate seeding, fertilization, rotary cultivator based on GPS
  • The research & application of agricultural implements with high horsepower tractor
  • The technology discussion on quality, property & reliability of advanced agricultural
  • implements in abroad
  • The application of large agricultural implements remote monitoring system in
  • Precision Agriculture based on GPS/GPRS
  • Panel Discussion: Developing Chinese characteristics road of intelligent agricultural equipment

Workshop Two: Remote Sensing and Precision Agriculture

  • The main issues & utilization situation of RS technology in Precision Agriculture
  • The application of RS technology in agriculture irrigation, fertilization, pest control, weed control etc.
  • The application of RS,GIS in crop-yield estimate, planting regionalization ,crop
  • growth control monitoring
  • Research & breakthrough of RS data processing and image processing techniques
  • Remote Sensing monitoring software, GIS integration and application
  • The latest progress of agriculture low-altitude RS technology based on GPS & GIS
  • The application of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing technology in Precision Agriculture
  • The application status and trends of Airborne Remote Sensing technology in PA
  • Applied technology innovation ( like new technology, new products, new equipment) in RS
  • Panel Discussion: The application status & challenge of remote sensing in agriculture

Workshop Three: Internet of Things (IOT) and Precision Agriculture

  • Development and tendency of agricultural IOT
  • The industrial standard & policy system of agricultural IOT
  • Study and innovations on the key technologies in agricultural IOT
  • The application of IOT technology on modern breeding industry
  • The application of IOT technology on facility agriculture
  • Management of agro-product quality safety and traceability technology
  • The application of IOT technology in field crops production monitoring
  • The application of sensors in agricultural IOT(soil, water, atmosphere and life sensors etc.)
  • The application of RIFD & ZigBee technology in agricultural IOT
  • The application of cloud computing&Big data in Agriculture IOT
  • The research of key technology in wireless sensor network for precision agriculture
  • The typical cases sharing of agricultural IOT
  • Panel discussion: The development trend and challenges of agricultural IOT in the next five years.

Workshop Four: Irrigation and Precision Agriculture

  • The actuality of application and the development direction precision irrigation technology
  • High-efficiency drip irrigation(micro-irrigation) fertigation technology and its application
  • The application of solutions for precision irrigation technology in the facility agriculture
  • The application of IOT technology in the precision irrigation
  • The application of automatic control technology in the precision irrigation
  • The application of sprinkler irrigation, micro-irrigation & drip irrigation technology in PA
  • The application of intelligent spray technology &equipment in the precision agriculture
  • Soil moisture monitoring and research on precision irrigation system
  • Spray height control system based on ultrasonic sensor
  • Precision agriculture irrigation technology based on wireless sensor networks
  • Reliability research and innovation of sprinkler, hose, filter, valve and other key parts
  • Panel discussion: The latest advance in and challenge in precision irrigation at home and abroad

Workshop Five: Soil Moisture and Information management

  • Soil fertility and regulatory mechanism
  • Nutrition management of Soil and plant
  • The effect of fertilizer input on soil quality and ecological environment
  • Collection, detection and analysis system of soil constituent in precision agriculture
  • Research and development of soil resource information system based on GIS
  • Application and study of soil testing and formulated fertilization technology
  • Real-Time Detection System of Soil Moisture Based on “IOT”
  • The development & research of Automation Soil moisture Detection instruments(Soil
  • moisture instruments,soil bulk density instruments,automatic meteorological station etc.)
  • Soil moisture monitoring and RS image acquisition, processing and pattern recognition
  • The application of sensor technologies in soil information collection system
  • Panel discussion: Innovative solutions for soil moisture management

Workshop Six: Aviation Plant Protection and Precision Agriculture

  • Plant protection and agricultural production
  • Study on the pest and disease control of crop diversity
  • Research progress on monitoring and precaution new technology of crop pest and disease
  • Research on key issues for agricultural plant protection forecast system and
  • decision support systems
  • Application status and tendency of agricultural aviation plant protection technology in China
  • Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) technology in aviation plant protection
  • Manufacturing standards, accreditation standards, operation standard of UAV in China
  • Research on UAV spraying technology
  • Application prospect of the aviation remote sensing technology in agriculture
  • The application of unmanned aerial vehicle on Precision Agriculture measurement of
  • the spray drops and DRT(reduce drift technology)
  • Application status and prospect analysis of multi-shaft agricultural plant protection UAV
  • Air tractor spray system and spray technology
  • Panel Discussion: The latest application and technology innovation of agricultural aviation technology in plant protection at home and abroad


The exhibition focuses on the Innovative Solutions for Precision Agriculture, including GIS (Geographical Information System), GPS (Global Positioning System) and RS (Remote Sensing), Agriculture IOT, Precision Seeding Technologies, Precision Fertilization Technologies, Precision Harvesting Technologies, Precision Gardening Technologies, Soil Sensors, Unmanned & Manned Aerial Vehicles. Welcome to exhibiting your practical, effective and reliable PA technologies and products.

For more information, visit the PAS 2014 website.

Contact: Jenny Wu, PAS 2014 Organizing Committee;


October 22, 2014
October 23, 2014
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