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u-blox: Disruption leads to wide adoption

By  - Posted on 28 Sep 2022 in From the Magazine & OEM & Transportation.

An interview with Markus Uster, head of product center positioning at u-blox about recent GNSS receiver innovations. Read more»

U-blox updates ZED-F9R positioning module for slow-moving vehicles

By  - Posted on 28 Jun 2021 in Latest News & OEM & Transportation.

U-blox has released a firmware update for its ZED-F9R positioning module, bringing robust centimeter-level positioning to slow-moving use cases such as robotic lawnmowers, e-scooters and shared bicycles. Based on the... Read more»

U-blox L-band receiver enables cm-level positioning for mass market

By  - Posted on 21 Jan 2020 in Latest News & Mobile & Transportation.

U-blox said its new NEO-D9S GNSS correction data receiver module provides an affordable approach to bringing centimeter-level accuracy to GNSS receivers. The NEO-D9S receives from correction service providers broadcast on... Read more»

New u-blox module aimed at lane accuracy in urban areas

By  - Posted on 03 May 2019 in Latest News & OEM & Transportation.

The new u‑blox ZED-F9K GNSS and dead-reckoning module is designed to bring continuous lane accurate positioning to challenging urban environments. The module offers both high-precision multi-band GNSS and inertial sensors. It combines the... Read more»

Launchpad: GNSS receivers, timing modules, survey applications

By  - Posted on 18 Apr 2023 in From the Magazine & Latest News & Mapping & Mobile & OEM & Product Showcase & Survey & Timing.

A roundup of recent products in the GNSS and inertial positioning industry from the April 2023 issue of GPS World magazine. Read more»

Mikroe releases LBand RTK Click

By  - Posted on 09 Mar 2023 in Latest News & Mobile & OEM.

LBand RTK Click provides access to L-band GNSS correction sand features the NEO-D9S-00B, a professional-grade, satellite data receiver for L-band corrections from u-blox.  Read more»

Innovation: Attitude determination and RTK positioning using low-cost receivers

By , , and  - Posted on 01 Jun 2021 in From the Magazine & Innovation.

Getting It Better

While RTK positioning and attitude determination is readily done with high-end equipment, it is still a challenge to get good results for kinematic platforms with low-cost receivers. In this month’s column, we learn how a team of researchers in France is trying to do just that. Read more»

Receiver innovators log trends and product launches — Part 2

By  - Posted on 05 Feb 2020 in Featured Stories & From the Magazine & OEM & Survey.

Innovators Assemble In the second part of our receiver feature, top receiver manufacturers discuss what’s on the horizon for GNSS receivers: recent and upcoming innovations, combating spoofing and jamming, fusing... Read more»