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Directions 2023: Galileo Offers New Services

By , and  - Posted on 06 Jan 2023 in From the Magazine & GNSS & Latest News & Space & Earth.

In 2022, the Galileo GNSS continued to provide the world’s most precise satellite navigation information, to more than 3.5 billion usres worldwide. Read more»

Launchpad: Timing antennas, defense UAS, infrastructure mapping

By  - Posted on 22 Jan 2022 in From the Magazine & Mapping & OEM & Product Showcase & Survey & Transportation & UAV/UGV.

A roundup of recent products in the GNSS and inertial positioning industry from the January 2022 issue of GPS World magazine. Read more»

Spirent Federal launches flex power capability

By  - Posted on 10 Nov 2021 in Defense & Featured Stories & Latest News.

Spirent Federal announced a new positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) test capability commonly referred to as programmable power — or flex power — available at no additional cost to qualified... Read more»

How to test: Simulator Q&A with the experts

By  - Posted on 31 Oct 2017 in Featured Stories & OEM.

“Prepare for Tomorrow: Find Vulnerabilities Today” was the title of our wide-ranging webinar in July that focused on GNSS signal simulation for jamming and spoofing scenarios. We did not have... Read more»

L2C and Next-Generation Smart PNT Receivers

By  - Posted on 12 Aug 2015 in Defense & Opinions.

Are you using a legacy-model PNT (position, navigation and timing) receiver or a smart PNT receiver, and why does it matter? Don’t have a clue? Read on! Hint — L2C and... Read more»

2C or not 2C: An Important Signal Question

By  - Posted on 09 Jan 2013 in Defense & Opinions.

With apologies to the Bard of Avon, as I paraphrase his prose, 2C or not 2C — that is the question for millions of GPS users and has been for... Read more»

Space PNT targets large LEO telecom constellations

By  - Posted on 11 Jul 2024 in Complementary PNT & From the Magazine & Latest News & Space & Earth.

SpacePNT SA provides advanced PNT technologies and solutions for satellites. I discussed the company and its products with its co-founder and CEO, Cyril Botteron. Read more»

Innovation: Recent GPS jamming in regions of geopolitical conflict

By  - Posted on 24 May 2024 in Defense & Featured Stories & From the Magazine & Innovation & Latest News.

GPS applications are vulnerable to signal interference, spoofing and degraded or denied services. Both intentional — jamming — and unintentional signal interference can cause inaccurate PNT and poor navigation performance. Read more»