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SBG Systems moves US office from Chicago to California

By  - Posted on 03 Dec 2015 in OEM.

SBG Systems has moved its United States headquarters office from Chicago, Illinois, to Huntington Beach, California. SBG Systems is a supplier of miniature, high-performance and innovative motion sensing solutions. SBG... Read more»

CSR Demonstrates SiRFDrive in Chicago

By  - Posted on 24 Nov 2014 in Mobile & Videos.

CSR has added significant upgrades to its SiRFDRive software dead-reckoning algorithms, improving automotive positioning performance and meeting the requirements of leading OEMs across the globe. This video demonstrates how these latest... Read more»

Willens Law Offices Unveils Real-Time Bike Accident Reporting System for Chicago

By  - Posted on 05 Aug 2013 in GIS News & Mobile Devices & Technology.

Willens Law Office announced the first self-reported Chicago bicycle accident map will collect data about cyclists’ encounters with careless and reckless driving. This interactive map will allow users to report, not... Read more»

Surveying on a busy runway

By  - Posted on 02 Oct 2023 in Latest News & UAV/UGV & White Papers.

NV5 Geospatial is a large geospatial data company mainly supporting airport planning and engineering firms that must meet FAA survey and mapping requirements for data collection at airports. Read more»

Mapping air quality from Canada’s wildfire smoke

By  - Posted on 28 Jun 2023 in Featured Stories & Latest News & Mapping & Space & Earth.

Smoke from the Canadian wildfires continues to pollute the air across the United States, mainly affecting cities in the northeast, including Pittsburgh, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit and Buffalo. According to the... Read more»

Seen & Heard: Monitoring hurricanes and the power of TikTok

By  - Posted on 07 Mar 2023 in From the Magazine & Latest News & UAV/UGV.

“Seen & Heard” is a monthly feature of GPS World magazine, traveling the world to capture interesting and unusual news stories involving the GNSS/PNT industry. Read more»

AGU 2022 seeks abstracts for GNSS session

By  - Posted on 25 Jul 2022 in GNSS & Latest News.

The 2022 Fall Meeting of the AGU will take place in person in Chicago and virtually online Dec. 12-16. The American Geophysical Union (AGU) hosts the meeting, which unites the... Read more»

Hexagon | NovAtel: Creating a digital world

By  - Posted on 27 Jun 2022 in From the Magazine & Mapping & Survey.

We discussed mobile mapping with Bryan Leedham, product manager of enclosures and post-processing software, NovAtel, Autonomy & Positioning division, Hexagon. Read more»