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CAST Navigation granted MNSA security approval

By  - Posted on 21 Apr 2020 in Defense & Latest News.

CAST Navigation LLC has developed the capability to support development and implementation of the Modernized Navstar Security Algorithm (MNSA). The U.S. Department of Defense granted in January CAST MNSA security... Read more»

CAST releases GPS wavefront generator

By  - Posted on 01 Nov 2017 in Product Showcase.

CRPA and Attitude Determination Receiver Testing The CAST-5000 by CAST Navigation produces a single coherent wavefront of GPS RF signals to provide repeatable testing in the laboratory environment or anechoic chamber. The... Read more»

CAST Navigation: Signal Diversity and the PHGPST

By  - Posted on 08 May 2012 in Defense & Opinions.

I have long been an advocate of signal diversity as a solution to many of the ills that plague the GPS user, especially outdated user equipment. The best equipment, if it were available today, would be the PHGPST or Perfect Handheld GPS Transceiver. I cannot count the thousands of letters and emails from warfighters, first responders, and civil users who immediately see the value of software-defined receivers and want to know where to purchase the PHGPST. For now, some early GPS software-defined user equipment does exist, but to reach the goal of the PHGPST receiver manufacturers must first be able to accurately and reliably simulate/generate all the diverse PNT (position, navigation and timing) signals available, which include some signals not ordinarily categorized as PNT signals today. Certainly not an easy task; however, there is hope. Recently I heard about a small GNSS/INS simulation company that may be paving the way to the PHGPST — CAST Navigation in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. Read more»

Navigating testing options: Simulator innovators map out solutions and trends

By  - Posted on 28 Oct 2019 in From the Magazine & OEM.

The number of GNSS signals, the frequency and sophistication of intentional and unintentional threats to those signals, and the need for integration between GNSS and other positioning, navigation and timing... Read more»

Surveyors: Always in the ‘middle’ of something…

By  - Posted on 02 Mar 2022 in Opinions & Survey.

The surveying profession is intrinsically involved with many functions of today’s communities and environment. When we take a closer look at the roles we play, the surveyor is usually found... Read more»

2021 Simulator Buyers Guide

By  - Posted on 05 Mar 2021 in From the Magazine & OEM & Product Showcase.

In our 10th annual Simulator Buyers Guide, we feature simulator tools, devices and software from 10 prominent companies that aid GNSS receiver manufacturers in product design.   SPIRENT FEDERAL SYSTEMS... Read more»

Innovation: Improving ARAIM

By  - Posted on 13 Jun 2020 in Featured Stories & From the Magazine & Innovation.

An approach using precise point positioning
A team of authors from Stanford University discusses a superior approach for ARAIM using the technique of precise point positioning. Read more»

2020 Simulator Buyers Guide

By  - Posted on 10 Mar 2020 in From the Magazine & OEM & Product Showcase.

GPS World’s 9th annual Simulator Buyers Guide features tools, devices and software from leading providers.   CAST NAVIGATION JACKSON LABS TECHNOLOGIES OROLIA LABSAT ROHDE & SCHWARZ SPIRENT FEDERAL SYSTEMS SYNTONY... Read more»