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Fugro delivers seabed geodata, employs wind lidar buoys

By  - Posted on 27 Oct 2021 in COVID-19 & Latest News & Mapping.

Fugro has completed a geotechnical site characterization project for DRA Global as part of the proposed expansion of the port of Richards Bay in South Africa. DRA Global contracted Fugro... Read more»

Industry decries lack of leadership on GPS backup, China, Russia threats

By  - Posted on 17 Sep 2022 in GNSS & Latest News & Transportation.

“If this is a problem, the government should act like it.” Citing more than 10 years of government studies, warnings and promises, representatives from a wide variety of industries criticized... Read more»

Coordinating surveyors on where we draw the lines

By  - Posted on 07 Sep 2022 in Opinions & Survey.

Technology changes the rules of the game, and surveying may be more in its crosshairs than the profession will admit Maps have existed for centuries. The lines on maps indicating... Read more»

Inertial Labs releases new versions of Kernel inertial measurement units

By  - Posted on 17 Jun 2022 in Latest News & OEM & Product Showcase.

Inertial Labs has announced new versions of its Kernel inertial measurement units (IMUs). The Kernel 110, 120, 210 and 220 are a set of compact, self-contained, strapdown industrial-grade (100 series)... Read more»

Prince Philip championed GPS as Master of Trinity House

By  - Posted on 15 Apr 2021 in GNSS & Latest News.

Prince Philip, technology advocate, championed both GPS and alternative navigation methods during his lifetime. Prince Philip — the Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth II of the United... Read more»

Inertial Labs launches Kernel-100 IMU with MEMS sensors

By  - Posted on 28 Oct 2020 in Defense & Latest News & Product Showcase & Transportation.

Inertial Labs is offering a new industrial-grade inertial measurement unit (IMU) for aerospace and defense applications, among others. The Kernel-100 is a compact, self-contained strapdown IMU that measures linear acceleration... Read more»

Research Roundup: GPS reveals volcanic activity under Europe

By  - Posted on 27 Jul 2020 in Featured Stories & From the Magazine & GNSS.

Scientists have discovered new evidence for active volcanism next door to some of the most densely populated areas of Europe. The study crowdsourced GPS monitoring data from antennae across western... Read more»

French hydro office selects SBG Systems for inertial fleet

By  - Posted on 09 Mar 2020 in Featured Stories & Latest News & Transportation.

Shom, the French national hydrographic and oceanographic office, selected SBG Systems’ inertial navigation systems to renew its fleet. The office chose the Navsight Apogee inertial navigation systems (INS) for its... Read more»