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PNT Advisory Board at 20: Still serving up big ideas

By  - Posted on 28 Mar 2024 in Defense & Events & Featured Stories & From the Magazine & GNSS & Latest News.

For 20 years the PNT Advisory Board has been providing the government independent expert advice about GPS and PNT. Read more»

Russia’s space-based nuclear weapon? Here’s an educated guess

By  - Posted on 20 Feb 2024 in Defense & Featured Stories & From the Magazine & Latest News & Space & Earth.

Earlier this week House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner sounded an alarm about a serious national security threat. It had to do with Russia, a weapon, space, and something nuclear. Read more»

3 US troops killed, up to 34 injured in Jordan UAV strike linked to Iran

By  - Posted on 29 Jan 2024 in Defense & Featured Stories & Latest News & UAV/UGV.

Three U.S. service members were killed and dozens wounded during a UAV attack on U.S. forces stationed in northeastern Jordan near the Syrian border, President Joe Biden and U.S. officials said on January 28. Read more»

USGS, Dewberry release precision lidar map of Potomac River

By  - Posted on 03 Jan 2024 in Latest News & Mapping & Survey.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) and Dewberry, a privately held professional services firm, have jointly released a new topobathymetric lidar dataset for the Potomac River, extending from the Potomac... Read more»

More about eVTOLs

By  - Posted on 19 Dec 2023 in Defense & Featured Stories & Latest News & Opinions & UAV/UGV.

Progress is being made toward a hybrid-electric approach for eVTOL passenger-carrying autonomous vehicles on the commercial side of UAVs. As the war continues in Ukraine, could the reduced cost of ‘UAV-warfare’ prolong any outcome? Read more»

GPS: The birth of the commercial GPS industry and how it changed the world

By  - Posted on 04 Dec 2023 in From the Magazine & GNSS & Latest News.

Trimble Navigation, which had started out making Loran receivers, was looking for its next marine project when HP decided to cancel its GPS project. However, encouraging words from Brad Parkinson were enough for Trimble Navigation to buy the canceled project. Read more»

They used GPS even before it was fully built: The adoption of GPS by surveyors

By  - Posted on 04 Dec 2023 in GNSS & Latest News & Mapping & Survey.

David Zilkoski discusses how NGS started performing GPS surveys in 1983, years before GPS was considered operational in 1993, changing the way NGS and others performed their surveying operations. Read more»

Beyond the frontlines: The far-reaching effects of electronic warfare

By  - Posted on 28 Nov 2023 in Defense & Featured Stories & Latest News & Opinions & UAV/UGV.

Electronic warfare in the Middle East and Ukraine is affecting air travel far beyond the battlefields, unnerving pilots and revealing unintended consequences of a tactic that experts believe will become more widespread. Read more»