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Trimble partners with HALO Trust for landmine clearance in Ukraine

By  - Posted on 16 Nov 2023 in Latest News & Mapping & Survey.

Trimble has partnered with HALO Trust, a landmine-clearing non-profit organization, to help expand its demining operations across Ukraine. Read more»

Trimble, Kyivstar partner to provide GNSS correction services in Ukraine

By  - Posted on 28 Sep 2023 in Latest News & Survey.

Trimble and Kyivstar, Ukraine's largest telecommunications company, have partnered to install a new CORS network to provide GNSS correction services across the country. Read more»

Allies send new UAVs to Ukraine

By  - Posted on 23 Aug 2023 in From the Magazine & Latest News & UAV/UGV.

Ukraine’s allies in Europe are sending the country new UAVs and counter-UAV equipment. Rheinmetall is preparing to send its LUNA NG unmanned reconnaissance UAV to Kyiv. Read more»

More Ukraine/Russia war UAV attacks

By  - Posted on 11 Jul 2023 in Defense & Latest News & UAV/UGV.

Russia released a large number of attack UAVs targeting Kyiv, Ukraine, in the early morning of June 20, reported the New York Times. Read more»

Russia blames Ukraine for overnight UAV attack on the Kremlin

By  - Posted on 08 May 2023 in Latest News & UAV/UGV.

Russia claimed Ukraine had launched an overnight UAV attack on the Kremlin in an effort to assassinate President Vladimir Putin. Read more»

DOD to provide Ukraine with aerial defense package

By  - Posted on 07 Feb 2023 in Defense & Latest News & UAV/UGV.

The United States Department of Defense (DOD) will provide a new package of security assistance for Ukraine to aid with ongoing Russian aerial attacks. Read more»

Iranian UAV downed in Ukraine contains western technology

By  - Posted on 11 Jan 2023 in Defense & Featured Stories & Latest News & OEM & UAV/UGV.

A Ukrainian intelligence assessment obtained by CNN and CBS reported an Iranian UAV downed in Ukraine contained technology from companies in the United States and other western countries. The White... Read more»

Ukraine attacks changed Russian GPS jamming

By  - Posted on 20 Dec 2022 in Defense & Latest News.

Two Russian airbases deep inside the country were attacked on December 5: the Engels-2 base in the Saratov region and Dyagilevo near Ryazan. The next day an oil tank at... Read more»