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Septentrio timing GNSS module now supports Fugro AtomiChron

By  - Posted on 20 Jun 2023 in Latest News & OEM & Timing.

Septentrio’s compact GNSS timing module, mosaic-T, now supports the AtomiChron timing service from Fugro. Read more»

Fugro joins forces with Carbonix on remote aerial operations

By  - Posted on 29 Nov 2022 in Latest News & Mapping & UAV/UGV.

Fugro is partnering with Australian drone manufacturer Carbonix to establish a new long-range drone capability. It is Fugro’s first partnership working towards long-range beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) missions, bolstering Fugro’s existing geographic... Read more»

Fugro teams with Septentrio and Meinberg to launch time synchronization service

By  - Posted on 14 Nov 2022 in Latest News & Timing.

Fugro has signed a tri-party cooperation agreement with GNSS receiver company Septentrio and synchronization equipment manufacturer Meinberg to launch the Fugro AtomiChron real-time synchronization and authentication service. Numerous sectors rely... Read more»

Fugro helps improve Papua New Guinea’s navigation safety

By  - Posted on 19 Jul 2022 in Latest News & Survey.

Fugro has completed a hydrographic survey to determine a safe channel through the Star Reef Passage in Papua New Guinea. Fugro worked with the National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA) and... Read more»

Fugro to design USV Blue Prism for geophysical surveys

By  - Posted on 13 Jul 2022 in Latest News & Survey.

Fugro has signed a contract with Kooiman Engineering and Van Oossanen Naval Architects for the naval design of Blue Prism, Fugro’s next generation of unmanned surface vessels (USVs). Engineered for... Read more»

Fugro launches uncrewed surface vessels in the Netherlands

By  - Posted on 11 Nov 2021 in Latest News & Survey & UAV/UGV.

Fugro’s Blue Essence, an offshore certified uncrewed surface vessel (USV) with an electric remotely operated vehicle (eROV), will begin its first project in the Netherlands. The vessel is controlled from... Read more»

Fugro delivers seabed geodata, employs wind lidar buoys

By  - Posted on 27 Oct 2021 in COVID-19 & Latest News & Mapping.

Fugro has completed a geotechnical site characterization project for DRA Global as part of the proposed expansion of the port of Richards Bay in South Africa. DRA Global contracted Fugro... Read more»

Fugro SpaceStar positioning service heads into space

By  - Posted on 06 Jul 2021 in GNSS & Latest News.

Fugro’s SpaceStar GNSS precise point positioning (PPP) service provides high-accuracy positioning in space Loft Orbital on June 30 launched its YAM-2 satellite, the first satellite equipped with Fugro’s SpaceStar next-generation... Read more»